3 Reasons Why In-Home Massage Beats Going to the Masseuse: Atlanta Edition

What’s commonly known about them is that they alleviate stress, but a deeper dive into that concept will reveal that massages actually decrease the stress hormone called cortisol and increase the “happy” chemical of serotonin and dopamine. What can make them happier? Turning them into in-home massages so that you don’t even have to leave your home!

Now, we may not need to sell the benefits of massages, but have you ever been able to compare the difference between a salon massage and one that’s administered in your home? In-home massage sessions are becoming more popular, particularly during the COVID pandemic, and here are our top 3 reasons why you should consider calling over a pro for a house visit.

1.       You can skip the stressful commute because they come to YOU. The irony of driving to your massage is that those very same stress hormones you’re working to get rid of may resurface as soon as you walk out of your massage and hop back into your car. Traffic contributes to stress, so why not avoid it altogether? An in-home massage therapist will come to your desired location with all of the equipment, and you’ll be pampered in the comfort of your own space!

2.       In-home massages cater to special occasions or circumstances. Who says you can’t enjoy the luxury of massage if you have special circumstances? Some situations that would need some special considerations are:

·         Pregnant women or new moms

·         Persons with disabilities

·         Elderly who are unable to leave their homes

·         At-home parties or girls’ weekends

3.       Your massage therapist will transform your private space into an area of bliss. Don’t believe it? Give it a try. Because of their skills and experience, they know exactly what to look for when it comes to lighting, scents, temperature, and serenity. By having your own space transformed, it’ll bring you comfort to know that you can recreate this space after a stressful day – and you won’t have to go anywhere but home sweet home.

Labella Mobile Nail Spa is a mobile spa service that provides services to the metro-Atlanta and metro-Minneapolis areas. If you’re looking for more information on how comfort and pampering can come to you, contact us today. 

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